Installing Apache and Tomcat and Mysql on Windows 7
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Sunday, 05 December 2010 15:26
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Installing Apache and Tomcat and Mysql on Windows 7
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Installing Mysql on WIn7

I’ve downloaded mysql-5.1.53-winx64.msi

I ran the installer.   It seemed to go fine, and I let it install to c:\program files\mysql blah blah.

At the end it asked me if I wanted to configure it now with a check box.  I left it checked and then pressed ‘finish’, and I expected a Windows GUI program to startup with options, but it just seemed to go away.  Then I noticed it on the task bar, so the window just got placed below other windows I had open.

Wizard Choice #1
I have three choices:
developer machine - use least memory
server machine - use medium memory
dedicated mysql server - use all memory

I chose Developer Machine.

Wizard Choice #2
Three more choices
Multifunctional Database
Transactional database only
non-transactional only

I chose Multi-functional database.   Really I don’t need transactional wonderfulness.  That has to do with creating databases that you can rollback changes without screwing up multiple processes that are trying to read the data at the same time.

Wizard Choice #3
Next I got to choose where the database storage is.  I didn’t want it on C:, since that only has 30gb left.  So I put it on D:\MySql Datafiles\

Wizard Choice #4
I chose Decision Support DSS/OLAP.    That just means allow up to 20 simultaneous connections.   I probably will never have more than two or three.

Wizard Choice #5
I chose to enable TCP/IP networking.  The standard port number 3306 was fine, and I checked the box to allow a firewall exception for the port.

I also left the Enable Strict Mode checked.   This is very silly sounding.  They don’t indicate why you’d ever want to uncheck it.

Wizard Choice #6  
Standard Character set is fine with me.

Wizard Choice #7
Install as a Windows Service is cool with me.   I also left the checkbox for launching automatically checked.   Then I also checked the box to add the bin folder to the WIndows path because I probably will be using the command line tools.

Wizard Choice #8
 I changed the root password to the same as what I used on the Tonido Plug mysql root account.   I left enable root access from remote machines unchecked.   I also left the anonymous account checkbox unchecked.

Pressed Execute Button

It went away for a while....

Then I could click on Finish

I tried the command line MYSQL console.  It appeared to be working fine.   I logged in as root using the password and dropped the database called ‘test’.

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