Installing Apache and Tomcat and Mysql on Windows 7
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Sunday, 05 December 2010 15:26
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Installing Apache and Tomcat and Mysql on Windows 7
Installing Apache on WIndows
Tomcat Windows Install
Install mod_jk on Windows
Setting Up Tomcat Manager
Deploying a GWT app on your Tomcat Server
Installing Mysql on Window 7
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Setting up Tomcat Manager so it Actually Works

 Tomcat  Manager is a great program- it will automatically deploy your GWT apps with ease and no hassle.   You can start/stop and undeploy your apps easily too!  It is well worth the effort to make them work.
Now I just have to set up those pesky config files.
So I went to my tomcat/conf folder and edited tomcat-users.xml
Near the end, but before the </tomcat-users> line I added:

LoadModule jk_module modules/

<role rolename=”manager”/>
<role rolename="manager-gui"/>
<role rolename="manager-script"/>
<user username="tomcatuser" password="mygirlfriendsname" roles="manager,manager-gui,manager-script"/>
I am not sure if I restarted Tomcat using the control panel/services panel at this point, or not.   No harm in doing so though.
After this, I can actually use Tomcat Manager!
I did the following, although I'm not sure I had to do it. It didn't seem to hurt anything.
To get java programs running on the server with Tomcat to talk to mysql, apparently there need to be some permissions given.   I’m adding the following to my


// 2010_dec_1 kds - adding permissions to mysql and web apps
grant codeBase "file:$(catalina.home)/webapps/-" {
   permission "", "connect";

grant codeBase "file:$(catalina.home)/webapps/-" {
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