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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 20:16
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Running a Webserver on a Tonido Plug
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Installing an FTP server on a Tonido Plug
Apache and Bftp Autostart at Boot
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Compiling Tomcat from source on Plugbox Linux
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Setting Up A $99 Plug Computer To Run Apache and Tomcat

Tondio Plug


  If you ever wanted to have your very own webserver running 24/7, you can now do it for a total investment of $99.   This little champ will use only a few watts of power, and has no noisy fan. 

   The software is all open source, and freely available on the web.   Getting a web server running is fairly easy.    If all you want to do is host a website, then installing Apache would be enough.

 The following is not exactly a how-to or a tutorial, since that implies I know what I'm doing.   Instead it is kind of a narrative about what I did to get it to work.

The General Description

   In my case, I wanted to run Tomcat, which would allow the server to generate active content.  I.E. instead of just fetching HTML pages and images, it will run my Java programs and create web pages as the user interact with my site.

  In particular, I wanted to make a Google Web Toolkit application.   GWT is a way to make programs which run in the user's web browser, but also can communicate easily with a webserver.  

   So I picture this as something that I fiddle with until I am happy with it, and then it can just sit there and run forever and never cause me any problems.  Anyway, that is the fantasy...

   To install Apache and Tomcat running on PlugBox Linux, it will be necessary to to have a Tonido Plug, and a USB Flash Drive which you don't mind completely erasing.   I used a Patriot 8Gb XPorter.


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