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Sunday, 03 January 2010 19:34

Java Preprocessor Using Eclipse Part 6

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After filling in the text for the xml file, it is time to fill in the Ant configuration settings for this build file.   To get to this dialog, right click on the prebopBuild.xml file in the project explorer, and select the Ant build... with the three dots, or the 'External Tools Configuration.. below.


Run As


 Verifty the Main tab settings look like this.


Build File Config


 We don't want to build the entire work space, so have it only build this project.


 refresh settings

 And build only this project, not the entire workspace.

 Build only this project

 In the Targets tab, we choose the default action to compile.  We do not check clean or makefile.  The ant buildfile itself will do the Mkdir step before doing the build, so we don't need to check it here.



On the Classpath tab, we must add the preprocessor.jar external jar.  The steps to get the right jar file added are numbered in the image below.


 Adding Prebop Jars


This next step is very important.  If you do not change the from the default value of 'Separate JRE' to "Run in the same JRE as the workspace", then preprocessor task will not run when we added it.   I.E. you will get an error like:  "Problem: failed to create task or type preprocess"


Run in Same JRE



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