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Friday, 30 October 2009 02:24

Nemesis - The Final Chapter

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Here is what the Nemesis looked like before the Ballista went to work on it.  The white square at the bottom shows the general area of attack.   If you look just up and to the left of the white box, you can see the cracked area where it meets the cliff.   Without any support from below, it should have come down instantly.

 Nemesis Whole


The pics below show the before and after of what the Ballista did.   By the time the sun was going down, it was still standing although its support was almost completely gone.  It was, however not as solidly fixed as before.   I noticed that the missile hits were suddenly making it shudder, and little bits were starting to fall off.

This is the area that was blasted away After the Missile of Ensured Safety Did its work


Here is what happened next:




Here is the Missile of Ensured Safetys Point of view.

 The Missile of Ensured Safety's Point of View


Here is the Missile of Ensured Safety shortly after it was forged in the Garage of Doom.  It is made out of 1.5" black iron pipe for gas lines, with a log splitting wedge welded on to the end of it.


The Missile of Ensured Safety



Ballista On Roof


What a mess!

The Mess of Nemesis

And so ends the saga of the Nemesis.








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