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Thursday, 29 October 2009 00:26

Bungee Ballista Part 8 - Shuttle Construction


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This is the first try at a shuttle.  It was constructed from light pine to keep the weight down.   The 3/8" carriage bolts holding the rail runners on were too big, too heavy and weakened the wood too much.    It worked great until it broke.



Almost Complete

   (left) Now the ballista is nearly complete.   It needs a winch and legs.   Right now the bungee springs consist of regular bungee cords from the hardware store.   This had two problems.  One was that as the shuttle was pulled all the way back, the hooks on the cord were pulled onto the wheels.   This was a bit iffy.   They might pop off at a bad time.  The other problem was that cords ran out of elasticity before the shuttle was all the way back, so the shuttle couldn't make it back to trigger.

  The rear of the ballista needs to be up off the ground, or else the trigger cannot be released.   The simplest design was just a heavy duty hinge, and a pine board.   Here the hinge holes are being drilled.

 Tail Dragger Hinge Holes



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