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Saturday, 17 October 2009 19:23

BirdTerm Version 1.0 Released

BirdTerm is a free, open source program for Windows which emulates a serial terminal.  It supports ANSI color and cursor position commands.

Programmers can use this program to communicate with embedded CPUs which have serial port communication.   Can also be used to communicate with old telephone modems etc.

 BirdTerm is written in Java, using the Eclipse SWT/JFace libraries, and also the RxTx Serial Port Communications library.  

BirdTerm talking to KCMD on an AVR

 Bird Term Screenshot 1


The main features of BirdTerm are

  • A terminal Emulator program similar to TeraTerm or Microsoft's HyperTerm
  • Totally Free, with no advertising or any such hassles
  • Supports color text,  using the ANSI standard for setting color and cursor position
  • Remembers the window size and position, and last used serial port
  • Can auto-connect at startup if desired
  • Written in Java, with full source code available 
  • Documentation available for rebuilding from source

Download verison 1.0 For Windows Here

 BirdTerm_V1.0 Windows-only Installer For XP, Vista and higher




 The BirdTerm Project is hosted on  There you can get support if you have any problems, or you can download the source code.

BirdTerm SourceForge Project


For More information on how to build BirdTerm from source code, see the following link:

BirdTerm Building From Source Documentation



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