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Monday, 31 August 2009 00:08

On Sept 30, 2009,  we took Jack to Rochester Institute of Technology.  

In car on the way there.

 In the car on the way there.   It is about a 20 minute drive from home.



dorm from road 

 Here is his dorm.  It is one of the big ones.   He is on a coed floor, which I think is great.   


 Unloading 1

 RIT was amazingly friendly and efficient.   They had nice guys there to help unload and to help with finding the room, and showing us where to park and everything.     Every part of it seemed well planned and well staffed.


Unloading 2 

 The big black box was Jack's fridge, which unfortunately had cat food in the underneath part which spilled out and made a mess.



dorm room 1 

 Jack is rooming with two of his best friends from Fairport.  All the beds are lofted.


dorm room 2 

 Jack is not using the proper lifting techique here!  You aren't supposed to lift with your back.  That thing is heavy too!


dorm room 3 

 Ivory made Jack's bunk for him.


 Molly Outside Dorm

 Molly comes out of the stairwell of the dorm.   Ivory is over on the far right.



 Orientation was in the field house.  It looks crowded, but really it was many very short mini-lines, not one big long one.   And they had free cookies and lemonade.   Unfortunately, that's the last we saw of Jack.   He vanished and we just... left.


 That was it.   It was a happy day to see Jack heading out into a phase of his life.   It was a sad day to realize he isn't going to be around any more.


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